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Pastor Brady Abel proudly poses with some of the 1100 cans of
soup collected during Immanuel's Souper Bowl benefiting
the local food pantry, Open Door.

Pastor's Greeting

New Pastor coming to Immanuel UCC! 

Immanuel United Church of Christ is pleased to announce that Pastor Cathy Jurgens will be taking over as Pastor starting in February.  Cathy received her Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary.  Please help us in welcoming Pastor Cathy to Immanuel!


Greetings from Immanuel United Church of Christ,

Thank you for visiting Immanuel United Church of Christ website! One of the hopes of this website is to capture the spirit, the joy, the faith and commitment of the membership of Immanuel UCC!  

As you might notice by the slide show – Immanuel is truly an inter-generational church family. We have many young families with numerous children and youth who add vitality and energy to our congregational life. There also are middle-aged and wise older adults in our church family to round out a wonderful multi-generational mix from which all members benefit, learn and grow.

You will find Immanuel a very welcoming and inclusive church. Immanuel is a member of the United Church of Christ, whose denominational and historical roots date back to the Pilgrims of 1620 and to the German immigrants of the 1840s.  Since then, people from all faith perspectives and religious ties have joined and have felt welcome in the UCC! The United church has always been on the cutting edge of solid, biblically rooted teaching and preaching. We have also been in the forefront of social justice issues standing with those who need to hear and experience the “good news of Jesus Christ.” Immanuel UCC takes its mission responsibilities and calling very seriously and has an impressive record of serving the needs of the folks locally and globally.

Immanuel is a well-balanced church with programs and activities for children, youth and families. Our worship is vibrant, relevant and inspirational with a happy, joyful spirit. It’s relaxed, but maintains a tasteful dignity that feeds and refreshes the soul and challenges the mind. We hope those worshipping at Immanuel always take something away that helps them through the week and makes them stronger persons of faith in Christ.

We hope you will visit Immanuel United Church of Christ. You are always welcome, and we look forward to meeting you and sharing with you the blessings of this vibrant, friendly, happy, and faithful church family!

Rev. Dr. Stephen Buchholz


In September 2012, Immanuel celebrated with the Rev. Brady Abel his nearly eight years of ministry with our church. He brought a wonderful, new perspective to Immanuel. It was a time of growth for all of us, since he was still a student at Eden Seminary when he came to Immanuel and we were eager to have a pastor! We celebrated the time we spent together, and then wished him well as he left to fulfill a call to another congregation. Immanuel was blessed to have Brady as our pastor.